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Guide to Emsculpt and Treatment Areas

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Joseph Moore, MD

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If you’re like most people, you are fighting the never ending battle to lose weight and get in shape. We all know that the cornerstones of better health are eating right and exercising but sometimes even the most disciplined exercise and diet routine isn’t enough to tone the toughest areas such as the abdomen, butt, arms, calves and thighs. That’s where nonsurgical fat reduction methods like Emsculpt can make all the difference.

Guide to Emsculpt

What exactly is Emsculpt and how can it help?

Emsculpt is the most recent addition to the growing group of nonsurgical fat-reduction methods that has seen a boom in the last five years, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.  It has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a non-invasive fat reduction and muscle toning device and users are raving over the results.

What makes Emsculpt so effective is its use of high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to trigger what are known as supramaximal contractions. These are the kind of muscle contractions that cannot be achieved by voluntary muscle action, such as performing abdominal crunches. It takes those contractions to another level, simultaneously destroying fat cells while building muscle fibers. 

In one 30 minute session, Emsculpt causes 20,000 muscle contractions, well beyond what you could achieve with any normal exercise routine. These contractions stimulate the muscles to release chemicals that in turn signal the fat cells to break down into fatty acids. As the fatty acids overwhelm the fat cells, the fat cells are metabolized by the body and then excreted as waste. At the same time, the muscles experience cellular changes, getting thicker and stronger, resulting in a more toned appearance.

How quick can you see results?

Because Emsculpt can produce so many contractions in such a small amount of time, the overall response to treatment is much faster than most fat-reduction tools. Where you’d have to wait months to see noticeable results with most implements, with Emsculpt most people see visible results within a day or two after the first treatment. This quick response time has contributed to its growing popularity.

The recommended dose is four 30-minute sessions spaced a few days apart. Generally speaking, you should see the full results within two to four weeks after your final appointment.  As a non-invasive tool, there is no need for recovery time, so you can return to your regular routine immediately after each session. That makes it easy to fit into your busy schedule and you’ll be able to achieve the toned, fit look you’ve always wanted by simply lying down and letting the machine do all the work.  

What makes Emsculpt NEO different?

The latest innovation in Emsculpt treatment is Emsculpt NEO, which combines the HIFEM+ (high intensity electromagnetic energy) therapy of the original Emsculpt with Radio frequency (RF) heating to take fat reduction and muscle toning to a whole new level. Emsculpt NEO results in 25% more muscle and 30% less fat on average, as the RF heating breaks down fat while raising muscle temperature by several degrees, similar to the effect achieved by traditional warm-up activity prior to a workout. If you are looking for Emsculpt NEO in San Diego, call Pacific Wellness Center in Pacific Beach for your free consultation to find out if you are a candidate and get a personalized treatment plan.

emsculpt areas

What areas can Emsculpt and Emsculpt NEO treat?

Emsculpt is the first nonsurgical fat-reduction method designed specifically to target the areas that are the toughest to tone, including the abdomen, butt, arms, calves and thighs.  Using its unique combination of  HIFEM+ and RF heating, Emsculpt NEO can also provide positive results for each of these areas:

  •       Abdomen – this can be one of the toughest areas to firm up, even with regular exercise and a healthy diet, but improving your core strength is important for your overall health. Emsculpt NEO can help to tighten, strengthen, tone and flatten the abdominal area for a slimmer, fitter look and a stronger, healthier you.
  •       Butt – lack of exercise, the natural effects of aging and heredity can all take a toll on your butt over time, causing it to flatten and sag. With Emsculpt NEO, the butt area is tightened and toned for a more shapely look.
  •       Arms – flabby, sagging arms are a natural side effect of aging that many people eventually face and unfortunately no matter how many bicep curls you do, it just doesn’t seem to make a difference. Emsculpt NEO can build up those muscles and tone your arms so you can wear tank tops and swimsuits without feeling self conscious.
  •       Calves – many people put themselves through the agonizing ritual of long runs, squats and leg presses trying to get sculpted, muscular calves but still can’t achieve the desired effect. Emsculpt NEO can provide the kind of toning, definition and strengthening that even hours in the gym can’t give you.
  •       Thighs – another common side effect of aging is the appearance of lumpy, bumpy cellulite on the thighs. Emsculpt NEO targets the thigh area to help build muscle, smooth skin and produce the toned, fit thighs you’ve always wanted.

Amazing results, but not a magic bullet

There’s no denying the amazing results that Emsculpt NEO can produce as both treatments help to melt away fat and strengthen muscle, but that doesn’t mean it’s a magic bullet that can give you results without any work. As with all non-invasive body shaping procedures, Emsculpt is meant to be used in combination with a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine to provide the finishing touch that regular workouts just can’t produce alone.


That’s why so many pro athletes have turned to Emsculpt to enhance their regular workout routine and improve their conditioning. A strong core can help you to get in shape and stay in shape and can even work to reduce pain and help you avoid injury. With the supramaximal contractions created by Emsculpt you can strengthen your core in ways that just aren’t possible through regular exercise. It’s a non-invasive yet highly effective way to achieve a healthier, stronger you.

With an extensive background in sports medicine, Pacific Wellness Center understands the importance of improving your core strength and that’s why we’re excited to be San Diego’s trusted provider for Emsculpt NEO. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and become a Pacific Wellness VIP Member to earn valuable rewards and awesome savings. 

Try Emsculpt, the first FDA approved non-invasive body shaping procedure, and discover a whole new you!

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