Executive Physical Exams

Pacific Wellness Center provides comprehensive Executive Physical Exams. Our exams are thorough and efficient. Our corporate health program is also a good value. We offer an unparalleled health experience. High functioning executives travel to our San Diego clinic from across the U.S.

Executives and entrepreneurs lead fast-paced lifestyles. Many people are counting on them, both at work and at home. They have large demands on their time and health. Many corporate leaders also seek challenging and rewarding experiences outside of work.

We know what it takes to lead! Our clinic was founded by Dr. Joseph Moore, who spent over 30 years in the Navy. Like a Navy captain, executives steer the ship for their businesses. They know customers are counting on them. More importantly, they know their employees are counting on them. That is why so many people come to Pacific Wellness Center for Executive Physical Exams. Leaders don’t want to worry about their employees’ health either. Therefore, we can create company-wide wellness packages too. For example, Pacific Wellness Center offers ongoing health education programs.

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The Wellness Roadmap

Pacific Wellness Center helps executives maintain a healthy lifestyle. We use the latest technology to provide a health roadmap to look for potential risk factors. Then we teach our patients to take steps to improve their well-being. We focus on body, mind, and spirit.

Our Executive Physical Exams are a great corporate benefit. We perform an extensive health history. We then conduct an in-depth physical. Our exams include complete blood analyses and lung testing. We also do a heart screening. We check arteries for enlargement, which can cause a stroke. A thyroid ultrasound detects cysts and tumors. Other tests check hearing and vision. Finally, we provide the results with an action plan. This goal setting helps individuals to achieve ultimate health.


The Pacific Wellness Center Experience

Dr. Moore frequently works with top executives, military leaders, and Olympic athletes. Because we realize the value of time, our space and processes are set up for maximum efficiency. This gives easy access to high quality care. Our unique approach is focused and effective. Executives live healthier lives, doing what they love.

Executive Physical Exams Include:

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